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Gender Sensitivity Programme

Unravelling Pride & Prejudice

Gender Sensitivity Program at Edify wishes to cultivate values of equality among the students by recognizing women’s role to be as important as men’s in addressing environmental and development issues. The gender perspective is not only relevant to projects where women are the principal target group, but it must also be mainstreamed in all environmental and development programs. This program is initiated for the students of Grade VI to Grade X to help them reflect such issues in society and to become contributing individuals having respect for all genders.

At Edify we encourage students to examine the systematic discrimination, oppression and prejudice that operate through social norms and practices, that create not just inequality but injustice in their trail. A wide range of activities, games and logical exercises make the Program interesting and engaging for our students. The Program works towards sensitizing the students about social gender-based differences and enables them to empower themselves and those around them with awareness and action.